First steps in making a booking with me, how we can connect

Have you been staring at my photos online for a few months?

Do my outrageous curves make you weak at the knees? 

Have you wondered what spending some intimate time with me would be like?

Perhaps if I demystify part the communication and pre booking part of the experience you will feel more confident in coming to me with your deep-seated desires and fantasies.

I now have an optional online booking system, this allows you to book an appointment with me without having to communicate with me directly if that is how you prefer to schedule appointments. The advantage of this online booking form is that you can take as long as you would like to tell me exactly how you are wanting to explore, adventure and experience with me and covers areas such as health and wellbeing, touch and sensitivity amongst other areas. I have recently added an additional text box which is called “Further questions” which allows you to ask any questions of me. As stated this is optional and I am still available by phone for the foreseeable future and you can also email me with your queries and questions.

I am a lover who wishes to explore the depths of your fantasies. I aim to create a nurturing atmosphere which enables you to feel comfortable in stating your desires. If you have filled out the online questionnaire we will still have a discussion when you arrive, we are evolving humans and perhaps at this time you are jubilant or nervous.

For us to relax into rapport we need some time to feel into each others presence and this time at the beginning is for you to leave the busyness of the day behind you and to drop into a deeper experience (and maybe even enjoy a wine or a whiskey with me). The time we will spend together will be both deeper and more enjoyable than you imagined, and will leave you heaving, breathless and ready to bend and extend the fantasy the next time we see each other.

Again I believe this is an appropriate time for me to state: I am truly interested in the plethora of the human experience be that sexual, gender, ability or personality. I am truly queer and bisexual. I adore the company of all genders, multiple genders, gender non-binaries and all sexes. I enjoy couples bookings as much as I enjoy solo adventures.

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