The joy of touch

The joy of touch

We can create wonder with our connection. Breathe in the lust. Palpably feel one another, at points it can feel like electricity looping between us. We can create moments in which time stops, delays and stretches where we can erotically inhabit our bodies and the bodies of another.

These moments feel deeply healing and nurturing and truly, to their core erotic. Eroticism can and should be viewed through a myriad of lenses and recently I have felt humbled to have experienced some holistic connections through eroticism.

One such moment involved laying on a sofa with a client who slowly stroked my hair. Having my hair played is an absolute favourite and has a deeply soothing and at time soporific effect on me. I laid on his lap and my hair was ruffled, detangled, retangled and softened. It felt so connected and comforting that I felt my body become both more supple and aligned. The slow connection of their hand to my hair, the care they took to touch me gently, the way I also touched them gently and played with their hair, it felt more intimate than a sexual connection. It felt grounding. It felt nourishing. It felt holistic

I am so grateful to be able to share this and I look forward to many more experiences of nourishment to come.

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