Disability, Touch and Sex Work

Disability Conscious Encounters

I have a deep appreciation and respect for people who take time to enable and create experiences when you have different needs from my personal experience. The work that carers, parents and support people do has the ability to greatly enhance the quality and enjoyment of life. I would like to be able extend this to those with different needs, to enhance their enjoyment of life with as much pleasure as possible.

I appreciate the extra work that goes into making an appointment with me, especially for those who cannot do this without the aid of another. I often communicate with carers, parents or support staff and I also really enjoy lavishing my attention exclusively on you during our encounter.

Touch is something that we all inherently need within our lives and it is important to me that those who do not always have the same access to self touch, self exploration and touch with partners and/or lovers can access these essential embraces and experiences. Exploring desire is something every individual deserves access to.

I want to be able to support people with disabilities in as many ways as I can: I do not charge travel fees for outcall sessions (within one hour travel of the CBD in Sydney), but I do not drive so may need to be picked up from the train station if it is not walking distance; I am happy to meet clients and/or carers at the nearest station if they are visiting me in Sydney; I also offer erotic massages to clients with disabilities. I do not have a hoist at my work space but I can arrange to use a space which does have one. 

I am more than happy to liaise with parents, friends or carers to arrange encounters with clients. I am confident in using communication boards and have worked with many clients with a variety of different abilities

Read more about organising a disability conscious encounter here

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