Why to choose cultural package experience with me? Exploring together is my favourite

My exposure to art began young. I went to my first opera (the Mikado by Gilbert and Sullivan starring Eric Idol) when I was five years old, I still remember the Emperor clearly and the wonderful set at The English National Opera. I used to feel frustrated that my parents forced me to go to the Tate Britain or another London art institution every weekend, now I feel fortunate of these plethora of experiences as my early art endeavours have led to a wide interest for all art forms (really, I enjoy dance, opera, fine art, sculpture, performance art, street dance and graffiti). There is a clear correlation between my art passion studying Fine Arts at Central St Martins and completing my BSc in Architecture at UCL. Creative interest and drive runs through my being and I have a deep desire to share and create new experiences with you. Let’s explore together.

Do art and cultural events by the side of a sultry vixen peak your interest? Have you been searching for someone to discuss your favourite piece of installation theatre of most recent contemporary classical gig besides whilst we sip whiskey into the night?

Perhaps you want to watch a John Waters film at a large cultural institution followed by a drink with a date where dissect the films qualities? Maybe dancing besides someone at a techno club night tickles your fancy, our bodies sweating and writhing together and gyrating to the beat of the bass for hours on end?

Time by my side can involve a diverse array of experiences but what I enjoy the most is discovering how other people tick over a whiskey, a piece of contemporary theatre or a dance piece (on that note Akram Khan, the English choreographer of Bangladeshi descent is performing his last solo piece, he’s the worlds most famous Kathak dancer, his show in March as part of the Adelaide festival *hint hint*). Perhaps you too find it insightful to mull over the human condition through relating to art. I certainly do and I would very much like to know your ideas and perspectives on life as art and art as life. Let us share our enthusiasm and critical thoughts about the meaning of existence over dinner or lunch whilst we uncover more about our desires.

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