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Deposits- outlining the variety of deposit methods for clients

Deposits- outlining the variety of deposit methods for clients

There are a couple of different ways of placing deposits. Here I will cover: bank transfers; cardless cash; PayID; over the counter bank cash deposits; gift cards and why not to use PayPal and cheques. I have done some research in Pay to Mobile but I have not received or paid anyone with this payment method and therefore cannot write from experience. I will also talk about the difference between paying via bank transfer and paying into an account at the payees bank and why not to accept cheques as a form of payment method or deposit.

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Good communication gets my attention- introducing my online booking system

It also gets me all hot and bothered

Communication, it is the most important thing in any relationship. Without good rapport so much is lost in translation or simply misunderstood.

When reaching out to me initially, it is best to try to put summarise what type of adventure you wish to pursue with me, perhaps you are wanting lots of sensual cuddles, sex with a little smidgen of kink (if you are wanting a lot of kink, best go to my kink/BDSM website).

To aid us create the best communication and rapport we can before a session begins I have begun using a online booking scheduler which you can use to book time with me and fill out the corresponding questionnaire. This ensures, that you can tell me about any medical conditions you might have. Some things that are covered on this questionnaire are: what sensation are you most wanting to experience; are there parts of your body you really do not like being touched; are you on any medication that I should know about; is having an orgasm important to you. It is ok if you forget things but this allows me to ensure that I am prepared as well as possible for each session... Also this online booking system allows you to book me in advance on my tours and to see where I am touring until the end of the year!

I am aware that I work with people who like to communicate in a variety of different manners, from those who prefer to text to those who prefer email. For the time being I will leave my email and phone number on my website (I prefer SMS to phone calls in case you were wondering), but I am hoping to be mainly online scheduling in the future. I will always request a phone call with new clients prior to any session as this allows you to ask any questions and for me to hear your voice, an important part of rapport building for me.

So please, peruse my new booking system and come and explore with me...

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Testimonial my delicious and devious time with D- Dominant GFE

Providing an enticing Dominant
Kinky Girlfriend Experience

"I was keen to see Miss Tallula not just because of her obvious charms but mostly because her online presences promised a bundle of mischief.  Spoiler alert: promise delivered!

An initial phone  conversation let me talk in general terms about my experience and interests and confirm we had some alignment.  In a further pre-session chat combining small-talk with more in-depth discussion let Miss Tallula tease out in more detail what I was looking for and where I might like to go.  My preference is to let things go with the flow rather than follow a list or script.  This worked for us.  Miss Tallula was definitely in delightful control, but she checked in periodically to make sure we were on the same page.

And my, were we.  Miss Tallula was most expert with her hands, her body, and devices bringing all sorts of pleasures.  And certainly showed enjoyment at subjecting me to her ministrations.  A fantastic session brought about by trusting in Miss Tallula's expertise and sense of wicked enjoyment.  I shall return!"

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